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Maps for East and West Campus

East Campus Map (Click Here)
435 College Avenue, Modesto, CA 95350

West Campus Map (Click Here)
2201 Blue Gum Avenue, Modesto, CA 95358


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I receive credits for a Community Education Class?
No, Community Education classes have not gone through a lengthy process to be approved for credits. All classes offered through Modesto Junior College Community Education are not-for-credit classes. If you desire, you can call our office after your class is over and ask for an Award of Attendance - to show the number of hours you attended class. Once we receive the roster back from the instructor we will create this proof of attendance and mail it to you.

Can I register in the classroom?

We strongly encourage students to pre-register for classes. Registering in advance ensures the instructor is prepared for the correct number of students and minimizes the cancelation of low-enrolled classes. Walk-in registration is on a space-available basis and students registering with the walk-in registration form will be assessed a $5 registration fee. You can only pay for a class at the door with a check, money order made payable to MJC, or credit card. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED with the walk-in form. NOTE: No unregistered people are allowed in the class (parents, children, infants, guests).

Can I stay in the class with my child?

No. Unless the class is specifically set up as a parent/child class, or parent participation is encouraged, we ask that you not stay in the class with your child. If your child is not able to stay by themselves in a classroom setting, please wait until they are older.

What do the fees pay for?

Community Education classes/trips do not receive tax support. Your enrollment fees pay all costs of the program.

Do I have to pay for parking?

MJC parking regulations are in effect 24 hours per day from 7:00 AM. on Monday until 5:00 PM. on Friday. Student parking is permitted in designated areas on the East and West Campus. Persons who park on campus are required to pay a fee. A daily ticket may be purchased from any campus parking ticket dispenser, located in the parking lots, for $2.00. Semester permits are also available for students attending frequent classes. Street parking is free.

What other fees will I pay?

In some cases, an additional materials fee may be charged at the time of registration. For many classes, the material fees are payable to the instructor on the first day.

Why are offerings canceled?

Community Education offerings do not receive funding from the state, so there is a minimum number of students who must be enrolled in order for an offering to be held. The decision whether or not to cancel is made 2-3 days before the start date and is based on the number of fully paid fees on that date. So please register early. If we must cancel a class all registered students will receive a full refund.

Supply Lists
Some of our offerings require a supply list. If you don’t receive one, call our office at 575-6063 a few days before the start date. They are also posted on our website at DO NOT purchase supplies until you have checked with our office at 575-6063 to confirm the class will be held.

Can my child take an adult class?

Children ages 14-17 may register for an adult class only when a parent/adult registers with them. Call for age requirements for Motorcycle classes.

Can I get Financial Aid?

Because we do not receive state funding to help support our program, our classes are not eligible for financial aid.

Special Accommodations

Requests for reasonable accommodations for disabilities must be made at the time of registration and at least 10 days before the event. Every effort within our ability and legal responsibility will be made to meet your request. If you require an elevator for a second-level classroom, please let our office know when you register for your class.

Can I Get a Refund?

Refund for Classes

If you call our office to cancel at least seven days prior to the start date, you will be refunded your registration fee, less a $20 processing fee. Any time after the seven days prior to class, or once an offering begins, we are unable to refund any portion of your fee. Trips: Different refund policies apply to trips and tours.

Canceled Offerings
A full (100%) refund will be given for an offering or trip that the college cancels. Refunds take a few weeks to process. If you pay by credit card, your account will be credited; if you pay by check or cash, you will receive a check in the mail.